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Velour Beauty saw a 53% increase in monthly sales volume. Here's how they did it.

Mobile Velour Lashes Mobile Velour Lashes
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The Challenge

Velour has flourished on innovation - they were the first company to sell custom lashes online, and their growth has evolved from this personalized shopping experience. Though they had a strong online presence, their technology wasn’t supporting their true potential. It was time for a new store, on a new platform, and they were ready to put customization at the heart of their online shopping journey.

Our Approach

We simplified the overall shopping journey, updating Velour's UX to be more intuitive and to better help shoppers find what they are looking for. The result is a dynamic, and personalized ecommerce experience, beautifully designed and positioned for growth.

  • UX design
  • Ecommerce strategy
  • Experience optimization and CRO
  • Custom Development
  • Migration to Shopify Plus
growth in monthly sales volume
increase in Average Order Value
increase in Desktop Conversion Rate
Velour Lashes
Velour Lashes

"Thank you for always recommending really cool apps for us to implement and being so transparent with your business. We truly do consider you guys an extension of our team."

which side profile is closest to yours?
which side profile is closest to yours?


Velour doesn’t just sell eyelashes–they help you find the perfect pair. We created a new Lash Guide, an interactive tool that helps users decide which eyelash set fits the shape of their face. Visitors answer questions related to face structure and lash volume, to receive lash recommendations from Velour’s very own lash experts.

We also updated their Custom Lash Builder to become a more simple, unified experience. We created an interactive lash viewer that updates when customers make any selection - all in real-time. Visitors easily navigate through different styles to create their unique, handcrafted eyelashes: round or flared shape, straight or cross-cross pattern, full or whispie design. The result is a 51% decrease in bounce rate on the lash builder page.

Free Shipping Velour Beauty
Free Shipping Velour Beauty

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