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How an interactive customer experience helped drive up conversions by 13%

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The Challenge

Peepers sells unique, colorful, stylish reading glasses for everyday use. At their core, this family-owned brand aims to delight their customers at every turn. They were ready for the “wow!” factor–some surprise and delight–and came to us for a more interactive customer experience.

The Approach

We emphasized educational content to reduce the time spent searching on the site and to streamline the overall experience. By providing detailed, relevant content at the most appropriate point in their shopping journey, visitors are now given the information they need–when they need it–to make a decision.

  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • Ecommerce strategy
  • Custom Development
  • Migration to Shopify Plus
Peepers New Arrivals
Peepers New Arrivals

"I just wanted to say how great it has been to work with the Fuel Made team. The communication is amazing. The skill level is outstanding, and just overall it's been a great experience."

Lady wearing Peepers glasses
Lady wearing Peepers glasses


The objective of the site was to organize the content so users can easily find what they are searching for. To help with this, we created the Perfect Pair finder. It walks visitors through a set of questions to help them discover the best glasses for their needs - sunglasses, readers, frames and strength. 

Along with helping shoppers in the discovery process, we added small personalization tweaks to add something extra to the shopping experience - an overarching theme that this family-owned business prides itself on. This includes adding logic to remember glass strength selection and color preferences. 

This strong focus on personalization has helped Peepers grow their already-strong homepage conversion rate by 9% and their mobile conversion rate by 13%

mobile conversion rate increase
decrease in cart abandonment rate
increase in homepage conversions

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