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Our gift to you: a free abandoned cart best practices checklist

Hang onto your seat—we're about to show you some very entertaining emails from our client Braxley Bands. But first, get your copy of our abandoned cart email checklist!

Here’s how we recover 20% of Braxley Bands' Abandoned Carts

Braxley Bands isn't only about selling the world's most comfortable Apple Watch bands. They're out to give you the most quirky shopping experience possible. Take a look at their store. This 80s and 90s-inspired design is full of surprises.

Braxley Bands' personality is funny, edgy, culturally relevant, and upbeat. They are unashamedly themselves and embrace their weirdness. So their cart recovery emails had to be all of that too!

Start clicking to see how we translated their personality into a flow that recovered 20%*(!) of all abandoned carts.

*Their old flow converted at 8.45% and industry average is between 7-10% recovery rate.

A shoutout to you & our pals at Gorgias

We appreciate the chance to get to share Braxley Bands’s story with you (and thanks to Gorgias to encouraging us to put this together). We hope our checklist helps you create wicked abandoned cart flows, too!

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