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Email Marketing

How Beardbrand made a 964% ROI in one year with email marketing

Are you running low? Are you running low?
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The Challenge

What started as a community of beard lovers sharing tips on YouTube, quickly grew into a multi-million dollar business creating premium men's grooming products to help beard lovers keep on growing. Beardbrand is all about maintaining a very close and honest communication with their community members. While they spent hours forging high-value weekly emails to blast to their list, their email marketing efforts included little automation or personalization.

Our Approach

The goal was to send lifecycle emails so valuable and personalized that each reader would be thrilled to hear from Beardbrand in their inbox. The goal was to set up automated systems that would help Beardbrand generate a significant portion of their monthly revenue without them lifting a finger.

  • UX Design
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • Custom Development
  • Full Service Email Marketing
Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil

"Fuel Made knows Klaviyo as if they’d built it themselves. Thanks to their expertise, we automate an incredibly personalized customer experience for all stages of our funnel. We still see results a year later!"

Old Beard Model Old Beard Model
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ROI in the first 11 months
increase in lead capture rate
increase in recovered revenue


We designed Beardbrand's Welcome experience as a Beard-Bootcamp. This free education builds trust and gratitude, and converts up to 9%* of these new visitors into customers.

We also created a personalized post-purchase sequence. After placing their order, customers receive a "How-to" video showing them exactly how to use their new products.

In the words of a real customer, "What really knocked me to the floor was what happened right after I gleefully opened my package[...] I look at my phone and there's [...] a great video showing me how to use the stuff! THAT did it for me! I'm a fan and a customer for life!" 

Customers are then sent follow-up emails that encourage them to refill their products or write a review, as well. 

Beardbrand started out with a 7% cart recovery rate from sending a single email. By adding segmentation, personalization and urgency, we boosted their recovered revenue up to 16.5%! 

Day 1 through 5 emails
Day 1 through 5 emails
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